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Call today for a personalized fitting. With our exclusive custom fitting you will be able to easily determine the best shear for your cutting style and comfort. There is no charge or obligation for this unique service. When performing the custom fitting, I will have thirty six models for you to choose from as well as our catalog with more than 120 different models and sizes.

  • Musashi Rose Shears The Musashi Rose series is our most popular shears. These shears range in length from 4.5 to 7.5 inches and also include a wide assortment of texturizing shears as well!

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  • Left Handed Shears. There are many myths out there to the stylist that there is no such thing as a left handed shear. In reality, there are quality left handed shears available that will help you as a left handed stylist.

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  • Thumb Swivels. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is becoming an ever increasing problem for today's professional hair stylist. Musashi Shears has a wide variety of thumb swivel scissors that will relieve the stress suspected of causing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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  • Texturizers. Satisfy all of your blending needs with our wide selection of texturizing scissors. Ranging from "chunkers" with 14 teeth to the fine blending shears with 40 teeth, Musashi Shears has a shear to meet your needs.

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  • Classy Shears. There are times when a stylist wants to show her artistic side when it comes to her products. The Classy Shears line is a quality shear for your artistic side. We have a variety of colors that still have quality built in with designer colors on top for your cutting enjoyment.

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  • Diamond Shears. Our Diamond Series shears are hand finished by Japanese scissor artisans and features a counter-sunk tension control as well as V10 Gold steel which contains a high content of both cobalt and molybdenum, making it the highest quality steel available for the Japanese style shear.

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  • Platform Artist Testimonial

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Musashi Shears

I am your local authorized manufacturers representative for Musashi Shears. The Musashi Shear is one of the finest shears available today.