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The Diamond Rose Superior Scissors Sharpening Machine

The Diamond Rose Superior Scissors Sharpening Machine allows me, the operator to return your favorite shears to their original factory new cutting condition. That means you can slide cut without pulling your customer's hair. Your shears will hold the hair in place instead of pushing it away while you try to cut. This will save time and fatique at the end of the day.

The Convex Edge

The Japanese style cutting scissors have a convex, or rounded edge. The convex edge together with the hollow ground inside of the blade work in unison to give you a cleaner sharper cut. Please don't allow anyone to sharpen your scissors with a grinder. The grinder will destroy your convex edge and reduce your shears cutting ability to that of a low end barber or dog grooming scissor.

convex cutting edge on scissors *Cleaner, sharper cut.
*Aids slide cutting.
*Sharpened correctly, reduces split ends.

800 Millimeter Radius

The 800 millimeter radius is designed to hold the hair in place while you cut. If this is straigtened on the typical flat hone (water honing) it will cause the scissors to "push" the hair while you cut. This will add to the time it takes to do the hair cut. 800 mm radius on Japanese hair cutting scissorsAt the end of the day, you will feel more fatigue. The worst part is the additional time it takes to do each haircut is costing you money. Other sharpeners may charge less, but in the long run it is costing you money in lost revenue and damaged or even ruined scissors. Let me return your scissors to factory new.

*Unique design of the Japanese style hair cutting shear.
*Holds the hair in place while you cut.
*Sharpened properly will make your cutting easy and effortless

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